The Perfect Combination Is In Chinese For Indiana Xocai Distributors In China

The Perfect Combination In Chinese For Indiana Xocai

Xocai has published The Perfect Combination in Chinese. You are free to distribute it to your mainland China friends, or to your local Terre Haute Indiana Chinese speakers.

Download The Perfect Combination in Chinese.

The name Xocai defines the perfect combination of ingredients found in our unique products. Cacao is the number one antioxidant super food in the world today. The acai berry is an exotic healthy berry from the Amazon rainforest and the second highest antioxidant super food in the world. Together they form a harmonious balance enabling both health and prosperity in Terre Haute Indiana.

Cacao was given as gifts, honored in special events, and even used as currency. So extraordinary was Mayan chocolate regarded it was referred to as food of the Gods. Today modern research confirms the ancient promise of cacao.

Dozens of universities have conducted rigid studies on dark chocolate and the findings overwhelmingly show that chocolate is good for you. These studies also indicate that the darker and less processed the chocolate the more potency it has.

In fact more than 2,000 studies have investigated the potential health benefits of cacao and healthy chocolate including approximately 200 studies on it’s antioxidant capabilities, 170 on cardiovascular health, 60 on brain and mental function, 30 on diabetes, 20 on weight loss and dozens on mood and the list goes on and on.

Cacao and acai are the perfect antioxidant combination. Xocai is the category creator and world leader of healthy chocolate. Cacao is the number one antioxidant super food in the world today. Ordinary chocolate processing methods kill the natural nutrients of cacao through a harsh heating process.

Xocai has proprietary cold processing technology to maintain the highest levels of the antioxidants abundantly found in cacao and in every Xocai product.

Because of this cold processing method Xocai is able to protect and lock in the antioxidants so you can enjoy the highest quality healthy chocolate available in the world. No one else has it but Xocai and now you.

You know it’s amazing the number of studies that are out there about chocolate and it’s benefits on heart health and gum health, weight loss and fighting inflammation are really amazing. You eat something like chocolate a food and you get all these wonderful health benefits.

And the story goes on. You can now publish this remarkable presentation in Chinese.

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I am David Henk, and I am a Poland-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in August 2011. I sell the industry-leading Power Squares and Meal Replacement Shake online and in Poland, Cloverdale, Owen County, and Spencer. Our valued Terre Haute customers recommend Meal Replacement Shake because Meal Replacement Shake is high antioxidant and improves my health.

Xocai is also a fantastic Power Squares home-based business in the Terre Haute area. Indiana entrepreneurs can supplement their income by cashing in on a high-demand Indiana healthy artisan chocolate market. To learn more about Xocai, visit http://MyChocolateSolution.Com.

Call me at (812) 986-2408 to own your own Power Squares business in Poland, Cloverdale, Owen County, or Spencer.

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